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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Instantaneous heat exchange, high heat exchange efficiency of 99.28%, saving coal and natural gas.
  • The temperature is stable, adjustable and controllable.
  • Small size, space saving and civil engineering investment saving
  • Maintenance free and intelligent operation
  • Safety and environmental protection, fast return on investment

Product Details

Variable acoustic velocity supercharged heat exchanger, namely two-phase jet heat exchanger, is widely used in various fields of steam water heat transfer.

It takes steam as power, and makes water temperature rise instantaneously through steam water compression and mixing. It uses pressure shock wave technology to achieve the effect of no external force pressurization. It has remarkable features of energy saving and pressurization, greatly reducing the user's cost, and can replace the traditional heat exchanger.


1. It can replace the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger in large-scale steam water heat exchange system.

2. Heating and hot water supply system of commercial and civil buildings: living community, office building, hotel, bath, swimming pool, etc., especially suitable for centralized bathing system of large dust operation project.

3. Industrial hot water system: pharmaceutical, leather, printing and dyeing, silk, food, oil refining, chemical industry and other industries that need a lot of hot water.