Mask cutting machine

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Company: Zhengzhou Modern Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd.

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Operation screen, simple setting, one key setting
  • Roller feeding, stable feeding and clean slicing
  • Nose bar feeding, special feeding components, stable and accurate feeding
  • Professional assembly line operation, according to customer demand to ensure product quality
  • Professional free guidance and perfect after-sales guarantee

Product Details

Adjustable speed, stable product quality, convenient operation, high production efficiency, 120-300 tablets / min

All aluminum profile machine is clean and beautiful, no welding, no painting, human-machine interface touch screen control, built-in time, total output, output of the day, set quantity, automatic alarm and shutdown, digital key type adjustment of the chip speed.

The motor uses three-phase gear motor, magnetic wheel deceleration belt brake function, low noise.

The mask is made by ultrasonic welding and high speed flake.

Product model: pmdp-120

Main technical parameters

Production efficiency: 120-300pcs / min

Equipment weight: 450kg

Equipment power: 3.5kw

Mask size: 95 × 175mm plane mask layer

Mask layer: 3-4 layers

Voltage: 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz

Machine size: 1430 × 640 × 840mm

Dimension of discharging frame: 1550 × 620 × 1500mm

Air pressure: ≥ 6Mpa

Folding mode: linear external hanging

Ultrasonic power: 2000W