Heat excahnger(heating type)

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Instantaneous heat exchange, high heat exchange efficiency of 99.28%, saving coal and natural gas.
  • The temperature is stable, adjustable and controllable.
  • The heat exchanger is small in size, saving space and saving investment in civil construction.
  • The equipment runs stably, saving maintenance costs.
  • Intelligent operation.

Product Details

The intelligent two-phase flow heat exchange system (heating type) is a hybrid steam-water heat exchange device. The steam is treated by adiabatic expansion technology and introduced into the mixing cavity in a jet state. The heated water that has undergone membrane treatment acts on the impact of steam It is uniformly mixed to form a compressed mixture of steam and water with a certain calculated volume ratio. When its instantaneous compression density reaches a certain value, a two-phase fluid field phenomenon is formed.

        Under the intensification of the field state, the sound velocity of the mixture has a transitional transition that breaks through the critical sound barrier, and a large number of pressure shock waves erupt at the same time. The unidirectional conduction characteristics of the pressure shock waves make the hot water that reaches the design temperature instantaneously appear in the constant cross-section pipe The pressure rises without backflow. The variable sound velocity supercharging heat exchange technology is based on the orderly intensification of the two-phase fluid field to forcibly complete the double effect of "instantaneous heat exchange + no external force pressurization".


       The intelligent two-phase flow heat exchange system (heating type) is a two-phase flow jet heat exchanger. It uses steam as the power, compresses and mixes steam and water, so that the water temperature rises instantaneously, and uses pressure shock wave technology to achieve the effect of no external force boosting , Significant energy-saving and supercharging features greatly reduce the user's cost, and can replace traditional heat exchangers.

        The intelligent two-phase flow heat exchange system (heating type) consists of a variable sound velocity supercharged heat exchanger, a temperature control system, a water supplement system, a detection control system, etc. The user only needs to connect the water supply/return pipe, steam pipe, water supplement pipe and The power supply can be used for heating.