Automatic Mask machine

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Company: Zhengzhou Modern Automation Equipment Co. , Ltd.

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Double position welding and high speed rotating winding mechanism make the production efficiency of the equipment higher
  • The equipment frame is assembled by industrial aluminum profile and aluminum alloy plate, and the whole machine is clean and beautiful, no welding and no painting
  • The automatic mask beater can connect multiple automatic ear wire welding machines to achieve more than one drag. The follow-up expansion is strong, the speed of film output can be adjusted, the product quality is stable, the operation is convenient and the production efficiency is high
  • PLC + human machine interface system control, the system automatically counts and displays the total output and the output of the day in real time, so as to achieve the set production quantity, automatic alarm and shutdown, and the output speed can be adjusted through the human-computer interface
  • The automatic ear line welding machine can realize seamless linkage with the automatic mask punching machine to achieve no manual automatic operation

Product Details


The plane one drag one mask machine is mainly composed of feeding, shaping, welding, cutting, connecting and transferring, pole lug welding, blanking pile, etc. In addition to manual coiling, the whole process from raw material feeding to rib inserting edge sealing and cutting finished product stack is fully automatic operation. The machine can be combined by dragging a pole ear welder to meet different production requirements.

The technology of one-to-one plane mask machine is a fully automatic assembly line which uses the principle of ultrasonic welding and edge sealing to complete the multi-layer composite forming of plane mask, then cutting, ear wrapping and welding, and stacking and transferring the finished products according to the requirements

The machine of the one-to-one automatic mask machine is compact and does not take up space. At the same time, the whole machine of the one-to-one automatic mask machine uses aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and firm without embroidering. The stability of the one-to-one automatic mask machine is also high, and the failure rate is low. All-one-to-one automatic mask machine can also pass photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate. The one-to-one automatic mask machine adopts the ultrasonic Taiwan system, which has more stable performance and more convenient operation. Especially suitable for us to produce masks. Zhengzhou Modern Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has particularly rich experience in the production of one-to-one automatic mask machines. The company is also committed to providing our customers with professional and more excellent one-to-one automatic mask machines.

      Model: XD-PM03

       Working power supply :220V, AC±5%, 50HZ;        

      The power of the whole line equipment is about :8.8KW;        

      Dry and clean compressed air :0.5~0.8MPa

       use flow: about 900L/Min      

      Machine working temperature: 0~40

       Humidity: 5~38%HR The environment is free of flammable and corrosive gases, and the workshop       is dust-free (not less than 100,000)        

      The power of the whole line equipment is about :8.8KW;      

      Production efficiency: 110~120 pieces/min            

      The overall size of the equipment is about: 6800mm*2800mm*1990mm

      Man-machine interface: PLC programmable controller and touch screen;

       Sensors: Omron, Panasonic, etc.;

       Frequency converter; Delta, Xinje, Rich Networking, etc.;

       Ultrasonic components: 20KHZ (or 15KHZ);