Ask and answer. What is the actual production capacity of n95 mask making machine per day?

2020-09-04 10:34:45 40

According to the statistical data, although the epidemic situation has been fully controlled, there are still signs of continuous increase of new cases in some countries every day. The vaccine is still under intense research and development. At this stage, most industries have gradually returned to work, and people to people contact more closely. Masks have become one of the essential daily necessities, and mask machines have become hot selling products, but they are purchasing them What should we pay attention to in the face n95 mask making machine? How to find the manufacturer with the latest welfare?17364764951.jpg.thumb.jpg

As a rapid development stage of equipment manufacturers, in the increasingly fierce industry competition, the company has been unremitting research and development of high-tech, cost-effective mask production equipment. According to customers' feedback, the company's automatic mask machine has high stability, low failure rate, stable performance and easy operation.

If you think that the quality of the mask machine purchased is not up to standard, besides the material selection factor of the mask, it is also closely related to the n95 mask making machine used in the production. Which one-off automatic mask machine has a high degree of automation? The automatic mask machine with better automation can improve the production efficiency of the product, bring certain economic benefits to the enterprise, and it will be more convenient to use, so it needs to be carefully selected. Zhengzhou modern automation equipment Co., Ltd. produced by the automatic kn95 mask making machine with a high degree of automation, the use of an integrated structure, easy to use, 

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