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Fully automatic N95 mask machine with high degree of automation. The traditional and complicated mask production process is technologically innovated, from the non-woven fabric to the conveyor wheel to the melting shape, tapping, welding forming, and knife-die cutting to produce the finished product. Automatic production process. Thereby greatly improving the quality and productivity. The fully automatic N95 mask machine is an ideal replacement equipment for producing various folding masks such as N95, dustproof, 3M and so on.


The fully automatic N95 mask machine is also known as the folding mask production line. This machine uses the principles of ultrasonic automatic welding and die rolling, and uses electronic induction to accurately locate the material position, which can accurately complete the mask point and welding. This machine has the advantages of precise size control and high production efficiency, which greatly improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and makes products more standard and more stable.


The fully automatic N95 mask machine connects a mask body machine with a diverter, and connects the diverter machine and the ear strap welding machine. When the machine is started, the mask body machine produces the product and then is transported to the diverter by the conveyor belt. , After the mask is transferred from the shunt machine to the earband welding machine, the earband part is welded to complete a complete mask product. The whole process realizes a fully automated production process without manual operation, that is, one body machine and two earband machines Connected.

Features of automatic N95 mask machine:

The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, and the appearance is light and beautiful without rust.

Automatic counting can effectively control production efficiency and production progress.

The automatic N95 mask machine is controlled by frequency conversion, and the operating speed of the equipment can be adjusted according to actual needs.

Pulling the barrel to feed the material, the positioning is more accurate, the width of the raw material can be controlled to a small size, and the cost is saved.

The length and dimension of the finished product are uniformly controlled with a deviation of ±1mm, which can effectively control the length of the finished product.

The fully automatic N95 mask machine has a high degree of automation and low requirements for operators. It only needs to discharge materials and arrange finished products.

Ultrasonic Taiwan system, Japanese transducer, stable performance and convenient operation.

The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which prolongs the life of the mold and is wear-resistant and durable.

It adopts aluminum alloy structure, which is beautiful and firm without rust.

Fully automatic N95 mask machine computer PLC programming control, high stability, low failure rate and low noise.

It adopts servo motor imported from Taiwan and driven by stepping motor with high precision.

Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.

The fully automatic N95 mask machine can supply 2-3 inner ear banding machines or outer ear banding machines.

With pulleys and fixed feet, it is convenient and quick to move, strong in fixity, and unshakable.

It is equipped with a brand-new conveyor belt to automatically collect products with high accuracy and only needs to be sorted and packaged.

The automatic N95 mask machine can be modified according to product requirements, product size, length and thickness.

Different earband machines can be configured according to different production orders, which is economical and practical. It solves the major problems of customer's capital cost + floor space + staffing, and truly brings substantial economic benefits to customers.

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